Spiffa - Make money sending leads for cars, real estate, business deals, loans, power generation, so
Spiffa - Make money sending leads for cars, real estate, business deals, loans, power generation, so

Welcome to Spiffa - Get paid for Leads. How does Spiffa work? Real estate companies, automobile dealers, loan companies, leasing,  electric and solar companies and other industries all live on leads that generate real business. They'll pay you for leads. Normally, those companies will give you a piece of the pie by giving you cash for that lead. If you work for a company that needs a service, you should contact Spiffa.com to pass that lead on. If we can generate a deal with it, we'll give you a percentage of the business it generates.

We'll be building this site out shortly. In the meantime, feel free to send questions or business proposals to Mr. Scott Neuman at sneuman@recordweb.com.

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We offer direct links to businesses and services that want your business.

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B2b Lead Generation: A Gateway to Growing Your Company
One reason why the United Kingdom became one of the world's largest economy was due to several business entities there putting their efforts in business-to-business (b2b) lead generation, and the stream of sales leads it brought served as the catalyst to their ever-rising economy.

Telemarketing VS Other Marketing Methods
Lead generation should always be handled by highly trained sales representatives to provide business from any sector to acquire their rightful places within the competition. No matter how expertly handled one's lead generation campaign is, if the strategy used is not effective it would be a waste. Before choosing and implementing a certain marketing strategy, businesses should analyze the pros and cons of each.

Fighting The B2B Lead Generation Demons
Success in lead generation through telemarketing is what every company hopes to achieve all the time. After all, sales leads are the oxygen that breathes life to all businesses. The inability to get high quality prospects will render a business entity dead. True enough, lead generation might appear easy and hassle-free. However, firms would not seek help from experts onshore and even offshore to do lead generation services if it is a piece of cake. The truth is that there are a lot of demons that can impede sales victory. First and foremost, I am not talking about monsters with hideous countenance or supernatural beings we often see in Hollywood movies. These evil forces I am referring to are obstacles that a firm may never have the capacit ...

The Importance of Lead Generation in Network Marketing
The coming of network marketing has become the most exciting form of lead generation out in the market. Initially, when this type of business emerged, it used to be called hunting which was actually what it really is. It is basically doing what hunters do. The marketer will have to spot the target, stalk the target and kill the target. As a network marketer, one has to learn how to do this.

The Best Lead Generation Techniques
In online marketing, as in networking and traditional marketing, lead generation is used for finding leads for prospective customers. The leads are potential customers that are interested in topics that are relevant to the products or services offered by the business seeking new leads. Lead generation is used for a variety of online marketing purposes, including sales leads, marketing leads, list building and others.

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